Recipe Suggestions!!

Much more than a sandwich filling

Paul, our development chef has been hard at work creating some exciting recipe ideas using a range of our products.

Our range of products are extremely versatile and can be used as part of a ready meal, street food concept and even as pizza toppings.

We hope you like the look of the recipe ideas below and please keep checking back for more ideas and suggestions.

Hunters Chicken – Made using Flavours Marinated BBQ Chicken

Take a portion of Flavours Marinated BBQ Chicken (Approx 120g per portion of Finished Product), Add a slice of Freshly Grilled Bacon, one slice of Mature Cheese and place in the oven at 160 Degrees for 20 Minutes and Serve. An authentic Hunters Chicken is ready!

Salad Nicoise – Made using Flavours Three Bean Salad

Take a portion of Flavours Three Bean Salad (Approx 50g per portion of Finished Product), Add 25g of Flaked Tuna, a quarter fresh tomato and two halves of a boiled egg and there you go, our twist on the classic Salad Nicoise!

Please be aware any heating of Flavours products should be done by following your individual business HACCP or Safer Food Better Business Guidelines

Happy Creating!!